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Microsoft Excel is more than likely the most commonly employed spreadsheet application throughout the modern world, and a powerful application it is too.  This equates to Excel Training Courses being some of the moer popular courses on the planet.

Functioning as a computerised ledger sheet, the spreadsheet can perform multiple tasks such as data reports, charts, tables, graphs and formulas.

Excel is not the most technical of software programs however to get the most out of it you should certainly be considering attending an Excel training course.  Employers will look for their staff to have knowledge on the basics of Excel, most will expect you to know how to perform calculations and generate reports.

The employer looks for these skills as it ensures them that you are capable of tasks such as the creation of budgets, payroll, numeric data and inventory lists.

If you feel you are at that level already then IT Training Scotland would recommend you attend a course at intermediate excel training level or an advanced excel training level.  This level of intermediate and advanced Excel training courses would teach you skills such as the creation of advanced formulas for calculations and other techniques from worksheet organisation, table date not to mention using pivot tables and the creation of advanced charts.

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Excel Courses
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To attend an Excel training courses simply fill in the contact form on our contact page with your details and IT training Scotland will be in touch to discuss your specific Excel training requirements.  We will look for a course that fits your level and we have qualified Microsoft certified trainers on hand 24 hours of the day to help you.

When you decide to take a computer course with us such as an Outlook training course there are many options available to you.  You can train in one of our many centres across the UK, at the top of this page you will see the city’s we deliver our Excel courses.

We are the only company in the UK who can deliver this training at all the above venues.  All of the above sites run regular instructor led classes on both Excel 2007 training and Excel 2003 training.  Not only that, our Excel courses run every week ensuring we can fit the class around your schedule.

The most common method of delivering our training on Excel is the traditional instructor led classroom training.  The individuals or employees will arrive to our location and we will use our facilities for the delivery of the IT courses ensuring that each delegate has the best possible learning experience.

One of the many advantages of instructor led classroom based Excel training courses is that our training centres are optimised for the delivery of the training.  There will be no interruptions or distractions from other people.  Just an area to focus on learning new skills to help you either find a new job or progress your career in the job you have.

We can also deliver the training at your location.  We will send out one of our Microsoft certified trainers to your site and will have the course delivered in your office to your own staff.

Another method of training that can suit your situation would be on-line learning.  We offer the training in a hard copy such as a CD/DVD format or you can access our learning portal to take the training over the internet so if Excel on-line training is for you, we can deliver.

The best IT training companies will be able to deliver IT training catered to the specific requirements of a company or individual looking to do the training.  It is little wonder then, with the flexibility IT Training Scotland offers in aspects such as location and method of delivery our Excel courses are quickly turning into the most popular course we have ever delivered

How affordable Excel Training Can Benefit You and Your Business and the disadvantages of internally training your staff

Hundreds of small businesses for some reason choose to train their own staff on Excel internally.  The reason they usually find is that their training budgets are too small for any external training course.  The cold truth is that these small businesses are actually losing more money by trying to train their own members of staff.

This usually means that lost work will equate to lost revenue.  Training your staff from within your company will mean you are losing the work of two individuals; the trainer and the student.  As most small business do not have access to a dedicated Microsoft trainer it means they now have an experienced employee taken away from their tasks to mentor and train the new worker.

These lost hours can cost a lot to a company however the loss often can go beyond the duration spent internally training new staff.  Training internally can often disrupt normal work flow of the business.  If the experienced member of staff may try to keep up with their day to day work then the student will get a poor Excel training experience.

Internal Excel training usually doesn’t teach the basics of Excel, instead it will usually focus on how specific spreadsheets work.  The person trying to learn Excel through an external training course with IT training Scotland will always learn the ability to improvise and come up with better solutions.

Our students will always learn more than just the basic procedures when on an Excel course.  Our instructors have a professional detailed knowledge of the software and we pride ourself on the fact that students and job seekers who attend our Excel courses will always go back to the workforce with ability’s that will benefit everyone in the company.  Each tutor also has an external laptop battery incase any of you wish to bring in your own notebooks.

At first for a small business external training may seem less productive when compared to a large company.  However, the opposite is true in this case.  External IT Training courses such as our Excel training courses are actually a sound investment in a small businesses future that will make the company stronger for the future.

It is without any doubt that a training course in Microsoft Excel will give you many advantages when it comes to finding a job and career progression.  These courses are not only important to your own professional development but todays Excel training is incredibly affordable too.

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  1. I would like to learn how to use Excel. I presently have little to no knowledge of the programme. Do you have any training programmes in Aberdeen?

  2. I would like to attend this class do you have a place in around Pennsauken NJ ???

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