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PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) comprises a process-based technique for efficient project management. PRINCE2 is the standard applied extensively by the United Kingdom Government and is widely distinguished and employed in the private sector, both in the UK and internationally.  Put simply, PRINCE training is a must for anyone involved in project management

The process of PRINCE2 is in the world domain, offering up non-proprietorial most adept exercise direction with project management. PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE) is a plan management technique. It addresses the management, operation and formation of a project. “PRINCE2″ relates to the 2nd major adaptation of this process and represents a registered trademark from the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), an self-governing authority of HM Treasury of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The operative characteristics of PRINCE2 training courses are:

* Its centring on business organisation justification
* An outlined organisation social structure for the project management family
* Its product-based preparation approach path
* Its stress on separating the plan into wieldy and governable stages
* Its flexibleness to be employed at a degree harmonious to the project.

History of PRINCE2 training courses

PRINCE2 is descended by the earliest PRINCE project management method, which was at first formulated in 1989 by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) for a UK government activity measurement for information organisations plan management; nevertheless, it shortly converted on a regular basis and implemented away from the strictly IT environs. PRINCE2 was published in 1996 as a generic project management process. PRINCE2 has turned more and more popular and is at present a de facto criterion for project management in the UK. PRINCE2 employment has outspread beyond the UK to an additional fifty extra nations. The most recent current rewrite was issued in 2005 by the Office of Government Commerce, and it’s presently experiencing a freshen up for 2008/09

Advantages of PRINCE2 training courses

PRINCE2 is an integrated approach path to project management. It allows for a technique for managing projects inside an understandably outlined model. PRINCE2 distinguishes processes to co-ordinate people and actions in an undertaking, how to project and oversee the project, and what you should do if the project undergoes adjustments whenever it does not formulate as designed. In the process each method is determined on its distinguishable inputs and outputs and on particular goals and actions to be implemented, which brings about a reflexive command of whatever departures from the project. Carved up into manageable levels, the technique enables an effective assurance of resourcefulness’s. On the cornerstone of close supervising the project could be conducted out in a mastered and organised manner. Constituting an integrated formula widely accredited and interpreted, PRINCE2 allows for a mutual terminology for all players in the project. The diverse management jobs and duties demanded in a project are to the full accounted and are adaptable to accommodate the complexness of the project and accomplishments of the establishment.

Pitfalls of PRINCE2 training courses

PRINCE2 is occasionally falsely conceived incompatible for really small-scale projects, ascribable to the process demanded in producing and keeping up written documents, logs and listings. All the same, this could frequently be because of a misinterpretation around which components of PRINCE2 to utilise: PRINCE2 is amply scalable.

Overview of the method



The above is a diagram for the PRINCE2 process, the flow of informaiton is represented by the arrows.

Foundation PRINCE2 training courses

These 3-day PRINCE2™ Foundation training courses educates designates to sit the Foundation examination and accomplish the industry criterion qualification for Project Managers. Designates that would like to achieve Practitioner position may take our 5-day Practitioner training course. PRINCE2™ foundation courses are a project management methodological analysis projected to guarantee that a project fulfils its targets, inside restraints and drives home declared benefits.

These recognised three day PRINCE2 Foundation course is configured to supply you on an elaborate agreement of the PRINCE2 approach path and the power to employ the technique to your own operative surroundings. This will be accomplished by a combination of PowerPoint demonstrations and practises projected to develop you for the foundation exam.

Who ought to attend to our recognised Foundation PRINCE2 Training Courses? This Foundation PRINCE2 training course is directed at whatever level of project faculty that wants a formal qualification in the project management process. PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

The IT training UK PRINCE2 Foundation course develops designates to sit the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam which is determined by APMG. The Foundation exam is a closed book exam and comprises of seventy-five multiple option queries which ask to accomplish in one hour.

Practitioner PRINCE2 training Courses

This 5-day PRINCE2™ Practitioner training course blends our PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner training courses, enabling designates to receive both Practitioner status. The 5 day practitioner course is projected to supply you with an elaborate knowledge of the PRINCE2 approach path and the power to employ the process to your own working surroundings.  One of the major gripes we find delegates mention is of course the length of this course.  The fact is if a training provider could fit all this information into a one day course such as an Excel training class they would, but would the delegate benefit from this?  We doubt it.

This will be attained by a choice selection of PowerPoint slide shows and scenario founded exercise configured to develop you for the Foundation exam and the Objective Practitioner exam. Who should attend to our Practitioner PRINCE2 Training Courses? The PRINCE2 Practitioner Training course is targeted at any grade of project faculty that calls for a conventional qualification in the project management technique.

PRINCE2 Foundation Exams and PRINCE2 Practitioner Exams

Most IT training companies that offer the practitioner course develops designates to sit the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner examinations which are determined by APMG. The one hour PRINCE2 Foundation exam on day 3 comprises a closed book test which comprises of seventy-five multiple selection questions. The three hour object based Practitioner exam during day five is scenario established and bears a blend of Classic manner Multiple option, Yes/No, Multiple reaction, checking, Sequencing and affirmation/argue style queries.  As you can tell, its a little bit more extreme than your everyday excel training course!

2 thoughts on “PRINCE2 Training Courses

  1. So what is the official qualification gained, would it be “Prince2 Practioner”? I’ve been project managing for years now, just wondering if an official qualification is worth it. Cheers

  2. Hi Zac

    Yes thats right, you would get the Prince Practitioner certification after doing the practitioner course. There are other foundation Prince2 courses that wont give you that certification you mention however.

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